About Dublin Crypto Events

Dublin has begun to foster a very welcoming ecosystem for the crypto industry, and we’ve seen dozens of international companies in the space establish offices in the country. Back in the early days, events used to be focused around informal chats about all things bitcoin and crypto, but as things evolved they got a little more formal, with a mix of competing associations and groups driving their own agendas, or more generic blockchain conferences talking about the technology.

We want to bring things back to basics, providing an environment for genuine crypto enthusiasts, as well as those working within the industry (who are often talking to colleagues and peers through screens), to have an opportunity to meet in person, without any major agenda or bias.

Therefore we’ve organised a series of monthly events to take place in Dublin 8, alternating between trade networking events (read drinks & chats), as well as some industry talks focused on the realities of working in the crypto industry. So less about what blockchain is, and more about how it’s actually being used in different ways.

About the Organizers

Bitcoin Marketing Team is one of Europe’s oldest Crypto Marketing Agencies, founded 514,960 bitcoin blocks ago back in 2014. Based in Dublin’s Digital Hub, we’ve worked on over forty different crypto, web3 and blockchain product and service launches, and helped 11 projects raise over $110m back in the ICO days of 2017 & 2018. These days we’re working with a range of international companies encompassing Bitcoin Mining, Trading and Blockchain Gaming.

Parker Stewart are an Irish owned and Dublin based recruitment agency who specialise in crypto recruitment across Ireland, UK, Europe & the USA. We deliver end to end projects and senior placements for some of the best known brands in the crypto industry. We specialise in all levels of tech recruitment, and service Executive & C-Suite roles across all segments of the industry.

Contact Us

You can email us on organizers@dublincryptoevents.com or give us a buzz during office hours on (01) 442 9300